Pricing & Fees

Invitation calligraphy – starting at $2.00 each, black ink

Gold, silver or white ink – $2.50 each

Envelope calligraphy – starting at $5.00 each for std 3-4 lines, no titles

Envelope calligraphy with salutations and titles – $6.00

Gold, silver or white ink – $6.00 each for std 3-4 lines

Placecards, name tags, bomboniere names – $2.00 each

Table numbers – starting at $4.00 each, depending on size

Table names – $5.00 each

Guest book names – $4.00 each

Handwritten Invitations – poa

Handwritten menus – poa

Wedding certificates – $50.00 each

These prices are mainly for black ink.
There is an ink blending fee for non standard colours.
White, gold and silver ink are more expensive as they are slower and more difficult to use.

Placecards can be supplied. Notice required if not in stock.

There is a fast turnaround fee for work required immediately or overnight and a weekend loading for work delivered on a Friday and required on Monday.

There is a $50.00 minimum charge for all work.

*$25.00 standard handling fee applies for all work.

* This is the time outside the actual calligraphy.
It covers emails, phone calls, preparation and liaising with clients, sorting and formatting lists, printing lists, extra lists, checking off, packing and sending.

Basically it’s an admin time fee for everything else involved. It varies for large jobs.
Does not include couriers, materials, samples, or pics.